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I hit my head on the shelf today and it was instantly jarring. I felt vibrations through my jaw as I fell to my knees holding my head. It felt like I was watching myself go down.

I got up. Rubbed my new unicorn horn and continued on with the morning routine “as if” everything was just “fine”. Damn, it hurt. And I’m glad I was all by myself.

I am fine, just a little headache and a bruise, nothing that won’t be gone in a few days.

But what is showing up for me is how fast it happened, how little control I had over it and how I didn’t know what else to do but go on, life as “normal”.

How many things happen in our lives that fast?

They can be so blunt and unforgiving.
A death. A fall. A move. A diagnosis. A divorce. An accident.

Like a storm, the event can last minutes but it’s affects can be a few days or an entirety.

When I hit my head I just wasn’t expecting it AT all. I felt unprepared. Offended that the shelf was there. Hurt. And all I could do after was just put one foot in front of the other.

We do that in our lives. The blow’s we live through send us spiraling to make sense of the pieces. We often have all the feelings but don’t know what to do with them.

The saying, “it is what it is…” is only partly true.

It IS what it is but it will be what your relationship is to it.

This past week I was given news that my Dad passed away, alone. He had struggled with alcohol and drugs his whole life. He tried the best he knew how. In many ways, he died a long time ago.

There are waves of feelings that I don’t want to feel.
But I choose to feel them.

I let them pass through me because what I make of the pieces left behind will determine the person I become for my family, my kids, my M.E. Circle, myself.

It will affect how I take care of myself, what foods I choose, what energy I bring to my workouts, how I handle the next bump in the day and what I show up for.

Holding onto the uncomfortable emotions will create a dis-ease if we are not willing to mindfully evolve through them. They get stuck in our body like smoldering coals collecting toxins, waiting for the next trigger to drop a spark.

And the fight to manage, contain or shove down becomes exhausting.

It’s not everything is “fine”, it’s witnessing myself having a human experience and deciding what I want to do with it.

Sometimes lonely.
Sometimes lost.
Sometimes numb.

When life throws us a shelf, stop, take a deep breath and embrace grace.

It’s okay to feel pain.
It’s okay to feel disoriented.
It’s okay to feel like you’ve been unfairly dealt a bad hand.
It’s okay to feel at peace AND at war.
It’s okay to feel light AND darkness.
It’s okay to feel good AND sad.
It’s okay to feel like you want to run into the woods screaming AND not leave your bed.
It’s okay to feel like your lost AND like you are exactly where you are meant to be.
It’s okay to feel exactly what you feel and not do anything about it, just feel.

When life gives you lemons you can’t make lemonade without feeling just how sour or bittersweet the lemon is, exactly as it is.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds, you doing the work heals wounds.
In a world of a endless surprises, uncertainties and fears, you have power.

The power of your breath.
The power over your emotions.
The power of what you tell yourself about your past.
The power of what you show up for.
The power to decide.

Trust the timing of your life ✨
Take a deep breath, you’ve arrived.
And the journey is beautifully, yours.