Are we already more than half way through February? We are SO ready for spring! 
Did you know Joseph Pilates studied martial arts, gymnastics and the movement of animals to develop his methods and orders? 
Check out this short video on how Pilates was born, it’s incredible to see yourself in these moves! Don’t worry, no one stands on anyone in classes today, this is Jospeh Pilates and his wife Clara having “fun”. 
I don’t know about you but I am feeling spring right around the corner. I’ve bought seeds for big pink sunflowers, I put up my winter snowflakes and got out my tulips and green garland, I find myself cleaning out clutter, dusting and my journal is full of bright colors and textures. 
Our lives are full of transitions, we are always in transition. A new body, a new house, a new job, a child born, a child growing up and moving to college, a vacation, a death of a friend, a big date, a changing season are just a few of the thousands of things that ebb and flow and make us hold our breath for a moment until we realize in order to have the next thing, something has to be let go of. 
Simone Keelah Brathwaite has an amazing article on The Art of Transition
What feels possible when you think of letting go of _____ in order to have _____? 
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Try a free sample and see how it improves the way you feel! 
Ready for some new dinner ideas for spring? I am over the top excited about these easy, delicious, fresh meals and snacks you can throw together without spending hours in the kitchen or grocery store. 
Did you know beans are a Diabetes Superfood? Their low glycemic index (how your body processes the starches) makes for a fantastic dose of fiber, vitamins and minerals, energy boosting carbs and protein! Add feta or fresh parm for an extra layer of flavor. Want more simple, healthy recipes? Did you know on the class schedule on Saturday mornings you can “join” the recipe class for $6 or 1 credit and get an entire week’s worth of recipes balanced for proteins, fats, carbs and leftovers sent to your inbox (with a ready to go to the store shopping list)! 
Have you seen the class schedule? There’s a class for you whether it’s evenings, days or weekends, whether you want to get that solo time in, get that heart rate up in TRX Pilates or work every muscle in your body in an equipment Pilates class! I love seeing you all put your body at the top of your priority list through this amazing method called Pilates, you rock! Ready to get started? Let’s chat! 816-805-9366 or email here