Ever feel like you just to give yourself a little push into that shift you know you can make?

Well, here it is!

If you haven’t already joined the Mindful Evolutions October Power of 3’s Challenge, here’s the details.

This is an amazing way to reset and realign your body that allows you to take it in slowly when it works best for you- just 3 days a week. If you already have these habits down, what are ways you can up your frequency and take things up a notch?

Nobody can be “on” all the time. Balance is what helps us stay on track and see progress long term verses a quick up and a quick down.

This creates the freedom for you to choose when you want to spend the energy on taking care of yourself and when you need a day off. You might find though, that you actually want to incorporate one or more of the habit shifts on an extra day or two just because it feels good. You definitely don’t have to and trust yourself to do what you need when the time comes.

Print the calendar and goal sheet and hang it in front of you where you’ll see it everyday. It’s an anchor to your motivation and your big why. I love having these types of anchors on post it notes all over my house and notice them when I need them most.

I’m so excited to see what shows up for you!
Get ready to make a big impact on your mind, body and soul and let me know your progress along the way, I am cheering you on 100%!

At the end of the month, snap a picture of your calendar and send it to me for a chance to win a goodie bag of all my favorite things 🥰

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