Call back your energy.
Create the space for more of you.

Are you the “giver”?
The “caretaker”?
The “hard worker”?
The “we can always count on you to stay late, make the dinner, run the errands, hold this family together”?
The “if I don’t, no one will”?
The “breadwinner”?
The “next promotion”?
The “have it all together all the time”?
The “show up even when you’re sick because you don’t have time to be sick and surely can’t be absent because you need a break”?
The “I’ll start tomorrow”?

It’s ingrained in us to fill certain roles in our lives.

What if we honored the aliveness and vivacious energy of the ones we love when we saw them fanning their own flame?

The want to be chosen, needed and feel love and validation is real.
This is what we do, otherwise… we may not feel lovable.
Otherwise, we may not feel worthy.
Otherwise, we may not feel in control.
Otherwise, we may not feel liked.
Otherwise, we may see people we love go through uncomfortable growth doing things themselves, watching them take care of themselves instead of always doing it for them (hello 👋 Mom guilt and the struggle of when to step in and when to step back).

If you have a strong people pleaser/caretaker part inside you, when you do take time for yourself the guilt can be SO overwhelming or the mess left behind from you being gone is so big, it feels like it’s too “expensive” to step out of the role.

But by stepping back, you allow others to appreciate you, you allow others to work through their own responsibilities, you allow others to feel empowered by accomplishing their own hurdles, you allow others to feel stronger in their own lives and more capable to do it again!

And you give yourself the opportunity to find out who you really are and let love evolve.

Ask yourself, where do I have a calling to….
Go for that walk.
Get that strong.
Sign up for that class.
Read that book.
Run towards that fear.
Meet that person.
Make that call.
Find that group of people who…
Buy that ticket.
Go there.
Leave that.
Grow that way.

The you that everyone loves is the you that also takes time for you, lights up about life and exudes radiance when you embody the energy that thing brings to your life.

Call back your energy.
Create more space for you.

Time doing NOTHING.

Time moving your body in a way that feels good to you.
Time connecting with friends.
Time exploring new foods, new experiences, new interests, new books, new people.
Time learning about yourself.
Time being with sadness, disappointment or disappointment.
Time processing what you’re going through in your own emotions.
Time healing your body.
Time growing your creativity.
Time intentionally steering your life.
Time getting lost.
Time breathing fresh air.
Time away.

Who are you when you in that time is the essence of your soul. Before you got that degree, before you landed that promotion, before you became a husband/wife, before you became a parent, before you became- the labels.

The spark is there, waiting for you.
You are made of magic ✨

When you come back to the people, the job, the house, the tasks, the world you have created around you, you are less burnt out, less stressed, more motivated, more productive and more present in ways you couldn’t be before.

Where will you create yourself in 2023?
Call back your energy.
Create more space for you!

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